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Feel free to use these slides and their content for any purpose under the cc-by license. 

Caveats regarding course and slide content:

  1. This is the first round of this course, I am preparing slides on a week-to-week "survival mode". The class material and slides are not polished and will be improved next (and the following) years...

  2. Topic selection is biased toward my personal interests (and research)).

  3. Some slides are reflecting my personal views that might be controversial/provocative. Happy to debate :-) 

  4. I am reaching out to researchers for slides and integrate them into my presentations. This means that some of the topics are heavily biased toward the work from specific labs. I plan to improve this aspect in future rounds of the course. Please reach out if you have a topic / specific research paper/s to suggest for the course. 

Course slides:

Lecture 1: course overview 

Lecture 2: single cell phenotypic profiling

Lecture 3: cell biology & microscopy. Guest lecture by Natalie Elia 

Lecture 4: phenotypic screening

Lecture 5: deep learning in microscopy  

Lecture 6: deep learning in microscopy 

Lecture 7: deep learning in microscopy + guest lecture by Tammy Riklin-Raviv

Lecture 8: guest lecture by Kota Miura on bioimage analysis + student lectures

Lecture 9: guest lecture by Yaron Gurovich on medical imaging + student lectures

Lecture 10: guest lecture by Tal Shay on systems biology + student lectures

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